Precious  Gems,


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Your premium source for precious gems
and handmade jewellery.

Precious gems and unique, handmade jewellery in pure silver, 18 and 22 ct gold for investment, healing and beauty. We have been sourcing fine quality gems from around the world since the 1990's. 

All our gems are natural, earth mined, mostly untreated, usually with lab reports. Valuations  and individual jewellery designs on request.  

Our jewellery pieces are highly sought after for their old world hand beaten individuality, for those looking for the perfect present for a loved one, and for use in Vedic astro science. Vedic charts  upon request, with gemstone prescriptions.

For wholesale inquiries  please contact by email.

Contact address: Gemlight2, Box 916, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481 Australia 

By email: [email protected]